Individual workshop in Lyon - Natural perfumery discovery - English sessions

Individual workshop in Lyon - Natural perfumery discovery - English sessions
Prix : 125.00 €

Prix : 125.00 €
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Les Parfumeurs Amateurs offer you a personalized moment of apprenticeship, in english, in Lyon, inside the Art and Well-being center Artesya, 49 rue de Marseille, Lyon 7th district.

For booking at your own date, please read the explanations hereunder and call us at +33 4 28 35 00 04.


Les Parfumeurs Amateurs propose you a personalized moment of apprenticeship, in english.

This workshop lasts 4h00.

It is located in Lyon, down town, inside the Art and Well-being center Artesya, 49 rue de Marseille, Lyon 7th district.

The summer sessions themes can be :

  • Amber natural perfumes
  • Oriental natural perfumes
  • Woody natural perfumes
  • Chypre natural perfumes
  • Cologne natural perfumes
  • Floral natural perfumes

Because each session asks for a meticulous preparation, we ask you to precise the theme you are interested in, in the same time as you will book the date and the hour of your session.

These short descriptions can help you making your choice.

  • Amber natural perfumes are made of sweet, balsamic and addictive basenotes. Their olfactive common point resides in the use of vanilla, blended with labdanum absolute (containing leathery notes) and balsams as benzoin, or Peru balsam…
  • Oriental perfume exhalations are known for their richness and their strong personality. Spiced notes, added to patchouli, blended with vanilla notes or sandalwood, provide to the heart notes (often precious flowers) a particularly bewitching character.
  • Woody natural perfumes contain a very wide range of scents, because of the diversity of the raw materials entering in their composition. Roots, mosses, branches, twigs and leaves, needles, trunks, barks, sap : these words already evocate the beginning of this poetic travel…
  • Chypre natural perfumes make reference to a specific olfactive accord, implemented by the French perfumer François Coty in 1917, in a perfume called “Le Chypre”. This accord, conciliating oakmoss, labdanum, patchouli (and bergamote), let its mark on the XXth century’s perfumes.
  • The eau de Cologne has also its own history, which makes us travel through Europe during several centuries. Thanks to the sparkling notes of citruses, and to the freshness of its aromatic notes, the eau de Cologne is today still considered as a good and light mood supplier.
  • Floral natural perfumes use noble and precious raw materials such as rose absolute, neroli, jasmine absolute, ylang extra essential oil, Bourbon geranium essential oil, iris absolute… A lot of combinations are possible with other natural ingredients, let them awake your imagination...

How it works ?

Our workshops last half a day and begin with an introduction to the natural perfumery art.

This moment is followed by the olfactive discovery of the raw materials selected for the theme chosen by the apprentice.

Then, the apprentice tries to create his/her own, personalized Eau de Toilette (15 mL) using some of the raw materials smelt previously.

How to book ?

1) You contact us by phone, calling +33 4 28 35 00 04 or by email at or with the contact formular

2) If your first demand is by email, anyway, we call you back in order to speak together, it is essential. During our conversation, we will agree together about the theme of the session, and the exact day and hour. Before confirmation, we must check  the availability of the workroom.

3) After this, we  will introduce the date and the hour defined together on the list of choices within this workshop presentation.

4) You will then be enabled to select your theme and the chosen date and hour (just on the right of the photograph of the perfume bottle, as you see a few examples of dates). When you do it, you pay and finalize your booking in the same time. The booking  can be done until  48 hours before.

Price : 125€.

5) Then you receive an email of confirmation, and the internal "rules" of the workshop.

The address of this individual natural perfumery initiation course is  49 rue de Marseille, Lyon 7th district, according to availabilities.

Please, notice that Les Parfumeurs Amateurs propose sessions for 2 persons ore more. For 2 persons (69€/person), you can book your workshop by the same way, following this link : .

For more participants, please call +33 4 28 35 00 04 or use the contact application to ask for more information.


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