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Les Parfumeurs Amateurs organize natural perfumery discovery sessions in Lyon.

Natural Perfumery is special. Based on plants extracts like essential oils or absolutes of flowers, herbs, woods, resins, spices..., Natural Perfumes lead people to surprising scents, because modern perfumery distanced itself from naturals and people are not used to smell plants extracts, from distillation for example.

In Lyon, Les Parfumeurs Amateurs propose perfumery workshops lasting half a day, during which people can benefit from an introduction to natural perfumery. They are taught basic natural perfumery rules, they take the time to smell the selected raw materials, and finish with a perfume creation exercice.

Les Parfumeurs Amateurs teach natural perfumery to two perfumery circles in Lyon, practising perfume as a hobby, once a month during the year.

dimanche 31 janvier 2016

Interview of Maxine Hyndman, blogger passionate for tinctures and perfumes

Please, could you introduce yourself ?

­­­My name is Maxine Hyndman and one of the many things I have decided to learn is how to make perfumes - not something that smells like aromatherapy but a real perfume and so I signed up for the online Perfumery Art School's two year online course.

Portrait de Maxine Hyndman


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samedi 22 février 2014

Walk through the snow-covered countryside

Wednesday, November the 20th, 2013 : snow falls without discontinuing, coating in white a dozen of small villages located in the Terres Froides (in the Dauphiné). A lot of trees, still full of their autumn leaves, break and fall on the electric wires. Living two days without electricity, without internet, without cellular phones is a particular experience with its own aesthetics.


I park my car near a hedge. This morning, I plan to walk under the falling snow, in a small village of the Terres Froides (the "Cold Grounds"). I am surprised, as the engine stops, because my car smells hazelnut.

Benzoin : 10, Tonka Bean diluted at 50% : 3, Cacao Absolute diluted at 10% : 1, Bitter Almond diluted at

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samedi 4 janvier 2014

Back to the roots of the website "Les Parfumeurs Amateurs"

During the starting up of my business, I have been looking carefully upon the visual identity of the Perfumers Amateurs's website, and upon all the graphics which had to represent and accompany my approach along this adventure.

Rather than an operational picture, as a perfume bottle, or than a suggestive picture, as a bouquet, or a blend of citruses and spices, I have chosen a logotype showing an extract of a sylvan universe, close to my olfactive and personal affinities.

Conifers are not the first raw materials we think about, when we talk about perfumes. But I fell in love with the scent of the black hemlock absolute (branches and extremities), smelt when I was studying at Cinquième Sens. As I tried to learn more about this tree, I saw photographs and I decided that black hemlock would...

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