Wednesday, November the 20th, 2013 : snow falls without discontinuing, coating in white a dozen of small villages located in the Terres Froides (in the Dauphiné). A lot of trees, still full of their autumn leaves, break and fall on the electric wires. Living two days without electricity, without internet, without cellular phones is a particular experience with its own aesthetics.


I park my car near a hedge. This morning, I plan to walk under the falling snow, in a small village of the Terres Froides (the "Cold Grounds"). I am surprised, as the engine stops, because my car smells hazelnut.

Benzoin : 10, Tonka Bean diluted at 50% : 3, Cacao Absolute diluted at 10% : 1, Bitter Almond diluted at 50% : 1

Today, a total electricity breakdown took place in this village and the surrounding ones, and I would dare to say one smells this. The chimneys exhale scents of burnt wood. Only the snowplough and some farmers on their tractors found the courage to drive on the road this morning, and remind me of the odours of civilization.

Juniper bay : 1, Virginian Cedarwood : 10, Cade diluted at 5% : 1

Snow envelops our steps with a hushed sound and wraps the landscape with white cotton. It also covers the scents, it blurs them and makes them more aquatic. Let us leave the roads, and come next to the woods, we will be more able to find there the typical scents of autumn.

Oakmoss : 9, Patchouli : 4, Tea tree : 2

The trees protest, they still have their beautiful autumnal foliage, with ochre, orange ans gilded glints. The snow lacked fair-play, covering them like that ! They give beneath the snow's weight, and sometimes, capitulate, incapable to resist anymore, their branches breaking and falling. Watch out for you, who walk under !

Green Mandarin : 6

There are other creatures than children that snow makes really happy. I meet four foot friends, coming to meet me, sniffing me, sharing with me their warm exhalations. It is snowing, this is a conversation topic that adds itself to the usual "hello" wanderers are used to saying one to another.

Niaouli : 2, Labdanum : 7

I walk along houses, here and there still remains the odour of shrubs from recently cut hedges. Typical, reassuring scents of mastered gardens, woody, tonic and green in the same time.

Mastic tree diluted at 50% : 1, Galbanum diluted at 10% : 1, Frankincense : 8, Siberian Pine : 10, Cypresss : 5

If I add a few drops of bergamot, this walk though the snow-covered countryside leads me slowly to the idea of a Chypre base. Now I give birth to this Chypre base, I will let it rest and will not be smelling it before 6 weeks.

Afterwards, we will see together how I will brighten it up.

Drops and grams :

Drops (for information, because drops depend on the capacity of the dropper and on the density of the EO) and grams :

Benzoe absolute (styrax tonkinensis) diluted at 50% : 60 drops = 1,30g,

Tonka bean absolute (dipteryx odorata)  diluted at 50% : 6 drops = 0.20g

Cocoa absolute (theobroma cacao) diluted à at 10% : 2 drops = 0.10g

Bitter almond EO (prunus armeniaca)  : 2 drops = 0.04g

Juniper twigs and bays EO (juniperus communis) : 2 drops = 0.07g

Virginian cedarwood EO (juniperus virginiana) : 20 drops = 0.62g

Cade rectified EO (juniperus oxycedrus) diluted at 5% : 2 drops = 0.04g

Oakmoss absolute (evernia prunastrii) diluted à at 50% : 56 drops = 1.08g

Patchouli EO (pogostemon cablin) : 8 drops = 0.24g

Tea tree EO (melaleuca alternifolia) : 4 drops = 0.10g

Green mandarin zests EO expression (citrus reticulata) : 12 drops = 0.33g

Niaouli EO (melaleuca quinquinervia) : 4 drops = 0.11g

Labdanum absolute diluted 50% (cistus ladanifera) : 40 drops = 0.62g

Mastic tree EO (pistacia lentiscus) : 1 drop = 0.04g

Galbanum EO diluted 10% (galbanum ferula) : 2 drops = 0.04g

Frankincense EO (boswellia carterii) : 16 drops = 0.38g

Siberian pine HE (abies siberica) : 20 drops = 0.44g

Cypress leaves and twigs EO (cupressus sempervirens)  10 drops = 0.23g

Bergamot zests EO expression, without bergaptene (citrus bergamia) : 36 drops = 0.99g